The Essential Types of Lingerie to Add to Your Collection

With each new season comes a fresh batch of trends in every category, from shoes to handbags to jeans, and lingerie is no different. While you might not think to update the types of lingerie in your top drawer as often as you would with other items, they’re no less important to shop for. I’d even go so far as to say that there’s never a better time to invest in quality and stylish undergarments than right now. You know, if chilling at home in a pretty underwear set is your kind of vibe.

For the record, it’s a lot of people’s vibes these days and I’d be lying if I said that the current state of the world hasn’t had a big influence on the kinds of lingerie that everyone is gravitating towards. More and more, pieces that offer comfort and the ability to look cute while lounging around are what’s leading the pack. So, nope, no complicated lingerie trends to be found here. This year, lounge-worthy materials like ribbed knitting and menswear-inspired boxer briefs are the styles currently flooding my feed alongside a few that are just as wearable as they are pretty.

Ahead, discover all the types of lingerie that are trending this year, and then shop the best versions of each.

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