The Big Everlane Sale: 21 Picks from GQ

For the first time ever, Everlane is putting its entire shop on sale. Like much of the fashion industry, Everlane has been hit hard by the economic downturn that’s followed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. (The company recently laid off or furloughed more than 200 of its workers, somewhat controversially.) And like a lot of other retailers, they are scrambling to make up the lost revenue by way of big sales. It’s by no means a reason to celebrate, but if you’ve been eyeing any of the brand’s closet-filling basics—Everlane’s always-reliable tees and sweats, top-notch cashmere knits, maybe its entry-level suit—now is as good a time as any. Today the brand launched a massive new sale knocking 25 percent off everything site-wide. If you need some guidance, scroll on down for a handful of our top picks from the sale.

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