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Finding the Best Clawfoot Tubs

A tub that has four feet used to support it firmly on the ground is considered to be a clawfoot tub. These kind of tubs were considered to be items of luxury in the 19th century. These tubs were made up of cast iron and porcelain was applied on it as lining in those days. In the modern day, clawfoot tubs are made up of acrylic, fiberglass or any other material that can be found suitable. Apart from any other tub that you know of, clawfoot tubs are considered to be large and they carry more liters of water when compared to other tubs. This type of tubs are very special in that they can be passed from one generation to another and can also be considered as a collectables item. The style of the clawfoot tub is considered very classic and this is one of the reasons that makes it an item of luxury.

The clawfoot has four major styles that it comes in. This four major styles include; slipper tub, roll top tub, double slipper and double ended tub. The slipper style offers a longing position that is very comfortable by having one side raised sloping down to the other end. The roll top tub are the ones that are made up of wood that is considered very hard, they have one round end and the other end is fairly flat. Other terms can be used to refer to the roll top tub, such as the classic roll rim or flat rim tub. The ones that has both sides of the tub raised so that they could meet at the middle is the double slipper tub. The double ended style has the both ends of the tub round.

All clawfoot tubs are designed to be quite large, the depth to be a bit deeper than normal tubs and to give you a relaxing posture. The length of a clawfoot tub ranges between 54″ to 72″, however, most people go for a length of about 59″. 30″ to 40″ is where the width of the clawfoot lies but in other cases it can exceed those measurements. The most popular width that most people prefer is about 32″. The depth of the clawfoot tub starts from 24″ to 30″ but in other cases you may find the depth exceeding those parameters. Before buying one make sure that it will fit through every door in your house for easy transportation and installation.

All tubs vary in prices but the most expensive one is the clawfoot tub. The factors that makes it expensive include the material, shape, size, features and the brand. These kind of tubs have prices that ranges from $2,300 up to $7,000, nonetheless, you will find prices that are higher than that.

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