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Heating of water is a process of transferring heat using energy sources such as electricity, solar and many others so as to heat water beyond the initial temperature. This hot water is used in cleaning, cooking, bathing and other domestic uses. Hot water is also used in industry together with water that is heated to steam to perform various tasks. Water that is heated to steam is used together with hot water in the industry to perform various tasks. Water heater such as Aurora water heaters, kettles and coppers are some of the heat appliances that are used to heat water. Due to the fact that temperature varies with consumption rate, metals that are used to heat a batch of water usually do not produce a continuous supply of hot water.

It is very rare for hot water to occur in a natural way apart from hot springs because water becomes cooler as the flow increases. The appliances that are used to supply hot water in a continuous way depends on where they are produced. Appliances may be used depending on whether hot water is used in domestic way or in industrial.

Petroleum, natural gas and other fossil fuels are used to heat water and they may heat the water directly as they are consumed or produce electricity which is used tom heat the water. Hot water that is used for creating vacancies can be heated using fossil fuels while appliances such as in Aurora water heaters is used to heat potable water. Household and commercial industry commonly they use storage water heaters and they consist of a container which has cylindrical vessel that keeps water continuously hot and ready to be used. The amount of water that is used in household is about 75-400 liters and these water may be heated using solar, electricity or other energy sources.

When installation of water heaters is not done in a proper way it may cause damage, injury and even death. If the temperature and pressure becomes too high, safety devices such as temperature and pressure relief valve are fitted on the top of the water heater in order to dump the water that has high temperature and pressure. Plumping codes will require a valve that uses discharge pipe in order to give direction of the flow of hot water that is discharged towards outside. Discharge pipes that is found in some building codes and are connected to the valve sometimes they are terminated in the garage.

Fired water heater that are installed in the garage will require the plumping codes to be placed above 46 cm in the floor so as to reduce any chances of fire exploding because of liquids that are found in the garage combusting.

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