Gramicci Shorts: The Shorts of the Summer

While there are many pieces that can upgrade a summer fit—a breezy camp shirt, the right pair of shoes, sun-ready accessories—maybe the most essential part of your look is the shorts. They are the anchor of the operation. Let Gramicci’s shorts hold down your fits.

Founded in 1982 by Mike Graham of the legendary Stone Masters, Gramicci entered the scene with its G Pant, a pant (and shorts) designed to meet the demands of rock climbers. The G Pant featured durable cotton twill fabric, a crotch gusset that allowed amateur Alex Honnolds to Spider-man up a wall, and a built-in nylon webbing belt that could be adjusted with one hand. That the belt is long enough to dangle just adds to its charm. Arguably, it’s the G Pant’s defining feature. What would Gucci loafers be without their horse bits?

Gramiccis were a smash with climbers and quickly moved beyond the confines of the outdoors and into the streets, linking with popular brands like Stussy and Beams Plus for great collabs. Today, the seismic shift of the fashion landscape toward all types of gorpy outdoor clothing has brought legions of pants and shorts with integrated belts. Might as well get the real thing.

How do you wear a pair of Gramiccis? You can go full-gorp with a fleece jacket and some technical sneakers or hiking boots. But frankly, it’s more fun to free them from their off-road lives. Try ’em as a replacement for your khaki shorts, with a classic blue button-up and some moccasins, and you’ve got yourself a twist on Take Ivy prep. Toss on a more vibrant pair of Gramiccis as your swim trunks. A printed pair with a hoodie and some advanced sandals a la Pete Wentz gives off a real “lounging fashionably” aura.

There’s no end to the Gramiccis’ range, especially when it comes to the variety of fabrics, colors and fits. Whether you need something more thigh-baring, more lightweight, with a bit of stretch, there’s a pair of Grammiccis for you.

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