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Five tips to achieve a perfect beard trim

Men’s fashion and styling has picked up in pace with the many changes in technology. As a result, men have learned the art of grooming, which takes more than just a shower and clean clothes. It explains why beards require more tailoring today, with work, events and media influence adding on to the pressure. Fortunate enough, offers excellent solutions to a lot of the grooming problems you might be facing as a man.

Hair grooming is generally an acquired skill, especially for men. If you resolve to trim your beard at home, you must employ a few tricks and hacks to get the perfect look. How then do you achieve an ideal beard trim? Perhaps you are preparing for an event or merely planning for a business trip after the weekend. Consider these five tips as the ultimate guide towards achieving that perfect beard trim:

Determine the face of your shape

You might have underestimated the fantastic work your barber does that you are unaware of your face type. Trimming your beard is not only about getting rid of some of your facial hair, rather, getting the perfect look to complement your face. This initial step is vital because you will have to trim certain sections of your mane differently to emphasize different features, depending on your face shape.

There are different face types, among which are, round, triangle, square, oval and diamond. These face types require a different hair and beard style. If you rightly place your face type, you are less likely to mess up your beard trim.

Use the right tools

Today, it is much easier to spot the best hair tools for your grooming needs. Ensure you have hair clippers, razors, trimmers, scissors, among other essential beard grooming tools.

Use your clippers to trim your beard to your preferred length, of course, starting with the bigger guard, so you don’t make a mistake at the very initial trimming process. With the right tools, you should easily be able to adjust the settings and change the guards for your trimmers to achieve different looks on different sections of your beard.

Tip: Ensure your tools are sharp and sterilized to avoid infections, bumps, cuts and ingrown hairs.

Trimming the mustache

The mustache hair should keenly be paid attention to because of its delicate nature of being too close to the nose and mouth.

To trim your mustache, run a shorter guard on your hair clippers to avoid hurting your nose or lip. Remember that trimming the mustache is much harder, so if you are unsure of your firm hand, comb out your mustache then use beard trimming scissors to trim. If you have a steady hand, remove the guard and trim out any hairs covering the lips.

Trimming the neckline

Trimming the neckline is the essential part of the trimming process if at all you are to achieve the perfect beard trim. If you wrongly cut the hair on your neckline, you might end up alluding to a double-chin look or an unkempt mane.

To estimate the fit line on which to base your neckline trim, safely go for Adam’s apple. With your fingers just above this spot, you can determine a clear cutline from behind your ear through this spot than to the next ear. This should generally form a ‘U-shaped’ line that will give you a perfect trim. Whether or not you have a firm hand, be sure to remove any bulk on the sides of your sides, then blend the sides into the chin and jawline.

To achieve a fade, use longer guards on your trimmers, and ensure it is at most an inch away from the neckline. If you are doing this for the first time, use an even length all around for your clippers. You should also consider staying away from a fade, and stick with a hard-stop neckline.

Comb your beard

Running a comb through your beard is not only the perfect way to evenly distribute the oils you use on your mane but also a great way to expose stray hairs that you missed during your trim.

Comb out the curls in your man to straighten the hairs, then use beard trimming scissors if at all there are stray hairs to be tamed.

Visit your barber

The truth of the matter is, trimming is an acquired skill. If you are feeling nervous about the kind of trim you might achieve, visit your barber and consult them. Get advice on your face type, the most suitable styling options for you, and tips on how you can nail it on the fades and other techniques.

The good news is that your beard will always grow back, which means you have numerous of chances to learn and execute the style on your own.

The perfect beard trim can bring out the best in a man by framing his face and accentuating the best of his features. With these few tips, you should quickly get started and acquire the trimming skills you can as well pass on to your kids soon enough.