21 Best White Sneakers & Shoes For Men in 2020: Leather, Canvas, Casual, and More

The best white sneakers for men are more than a mere wardrobe staple—they’re the base of the menswear food pyramid, the pair of shoes you’ll likely reach for more than any other in your closet for six-to-eight months out of the year. As such, there are more white sneaker options out there than ever before: all-time classics, upscale designer models, affordable upstarts, and wild-style flexes.

There are the sneakers you lust after, drool over, and dream about…only to come up short on the SNKRS app when they drop, shell out a month’s rent to cop them on the secondary market, and then let them collect dust in a box on your shelf because you’re too anxious about creases. These sneakers are not those sneakers. The best white sneakers are the kicks you actually wear—the ones that go with everything, look as good on their 300th wear as they

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Fashion Designers Are Struggling to Make Masks. Here’s Why.

For some designers working on their own, the lack of consensus was exasperating. “We should have a centralized voice,” says Naomi Mishkin, the Brooklyn-based designer of the line Naomi Nomi, who spent the weekend working with her manufacturing partners in the Garment District to identify the best materials and design for a mask. “If the [government] wants to lead the way, we should let them, but we’re waiting.”

Even in the best of worlds, most fashion designers lack the supplies and manufacturing capabilities required to make N95 respirators. Named for their ability to block 95 percent of micron test particles through a seal around the nose and mouth, they are the preferred masks for medical workers treating patients with the virus—and remain in alarmingly short supply. Industrial manufacturers have stepped up to address the deficiency. Earlier this week, Honeywell announced that they would increase production of N95 masks,

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GQ’s Big Fits From Home: Remember Your Forgotten Jawns

This afternoon, GQ editor in chief Will Welch kicked off “Big Fits from Home,” a new show on Instagram Live featuring GQ friends and fam. Every Tuesday at 2pm, Welch will answer your questions and chat live with celebrities, style gods, and GQ correspondents. This week, he talked about what he’s listening to in quarantine (Amen Dunes) and gave a little advice for getting a fit off when you’re in lockdown. He also got some workout tips from GQ fitness columnist Joe Holder and compared quarantine beards with our grooming correspondent, Phillip Picardi.

Holder had a lot of good advice for staying healthy, mentally and physically, in these strange and uncertain times. “Movement is key, you’ve got to move,” he noted, even if it’s just for what Holder calls an “exercise snack,” like a quick set of high knees or jumping jacks. Inspired by GQ Special projects

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In a Moment of Information Overload, Governor Andrew Cuomo Dresses for Facts Only

Cuomo, in other words, is dressing for facts only.

Over the course of the presidential primary season, the Democratic candidates seemed to think that just appearing in rolled up shirtsleeves marked you as, well, ready to really roll up your shirtsleeves—which means the most prominent appearances of liberal male politicians in recent months found them in shirtsleeves. But here comes Cuomo in his suit and tie, his shirt bunching together under his jacket as he leans in to the microphone, daunted but not discouraged, to talk to us like the baseball coach-in-chief: “This is not a short-term situation. This is not a long weekend. This is not a week,” as he said on Sunday. The archetypal centrist, Cuomo has worn ties that are beige, purplish, bluish. Sometimes there’s no tie at all, but he’s not in business casual—it’s something more like the inner politesse that peeps up to remind

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