The Revenge Dress Comes to Menswear

Do you ever wonder what Princess Diana was feeling when she stepped out of her car, post-divorce announcement, in that black, off-the-shoulder “Revenge Dress” by Christina Stambolian? Did the late Princess feel electrified? Was she angry? Was she really feeling as confident as she appeared on the outside? You can wait until The Crown addresses the incident. Or you could dip into the German label GmbH’s latest Autumn/Winter collection and find out for yourself.

Inspired by this moment, GmbH’s creative directors Serhat Iski and Benjamin Huseby put a vengeful twist on men’s tailoring, offering streamlined coats, suits, and even a full fur coat featuring Diana’s iconic silhouette. Shoulders are out, waists are accentuated, and necklines drawing eyes to the cleavage are sure to bring out a regretful ex just as Lady Di did. (There’s even a built-in corset within the full fur coat—so that wearer’s shoulders will look “extra vengeful,”

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The Best Thing About NBA All-Star Weekend Might Be the Fashion Drops

The players themselves might have mixed feelings about it, but NBA All-Star Weekend remains a magical time to be a basketball fan. Each year, in addition to all the high-flying dunks and long-range jumpers, the All-Star Game also offers hoopers a major stage to absolutely stunt on each other style-wise. It’s become a prime time for brands to drop high-profile sneakers and collaborations—and this year’s edition is no exception.

To start, it wouldn’t really be an All-Star Weekend without Nike delivering some covetable, next-level kicks. First up from the Swoosh is the beloved Dunk High in an eye-catching “Barely Green” colorway. The two-toned sneaker features a glossy black leather mixed with a bluish-green hue—which, true to its name, really is barely green—as well as a badge commemorating the upcoming hoops festivities. 

Nike Basketball will also be dropping its “Play for the Future” collection, which includes remixed signature sneakers from

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Drake Can’t Stop Talking About His Virgil Abloh-Customized Patek Philippe

We usually hear Drake brag about what’s new in his life—the house, the cars, the money, the private jets, and the women—but more than a year has passed since he first boasted that “Vigil [Abloh] got that Patek on my wrist goin’ nuts” on “Life Is Good,” and Drake is still talking about it and wearing it in his most high-profile appearances. That tells you how special the watch is, and now it’s the subject of a new bar on the first track off Drake’s just-released EP Scary Hours 2, “What’s Next”: “Yeah, I got one, Virgil got one and that there is the only two.” Drake’s also wearing the piece in the song’s video. The line includes a smidge of breaking news, too: what we assumed was a one-of-one watch belonging to Drake and only Drake is actually a one-of-two. Abloh used the new track as an excuse

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The Case for the Relationship Watch

This story is part of GQ’s Modern Lovers issue. 

Allow me to repeat a semi-controversial opinion that I’ve been shouting for years: There is no such thing as a men’s watch. Similarly, there is no such thing as a women’s watch. There are just watches. They may come in different sizes, and some might have diamonds or jewels on them, but there is no timepiece in the world that comes with an anatomical requirement. There are, however, some that simply look good on everyone, no matter who they are. Which brings us to my next semi-controversial opinion: There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, more wonderful than sharing a watch with your partner. The watch is the only piece of jewelry that has its own heartbeat; there are few objects as personal. Worn every day, it becomes an intimate part of your life, and when shared with your significant

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The Adidas Samba Is Having a Serious Moment

Last December, the always-stylish A$AP Rocky was spotted in white Sambas (which he slightly freaked by adding slime green laces) on set for the music video shoot of A$AP Nast’s “Designer Boi.” And then again, in January, seemingly earning a spot in the hip-hop star’s constant rotation. Then, A$AP Nast jumped on the Samba wave, pairing white ones (sans neon laces) with a perfect-fitting overcoat and trousers and firing off an Instagram with the caption “I only want these Sambas.” Just last week, Frank Ocean was spotted in New York City donning a pair of Sambas, even in the dead of winter.

The Samba has been a favorite of many—mostly soccer players and skaters—for decades, but only recently made the jump into the world of fashion. The original design, which debuted in the 1950s, is barely recognizable as the Samba we see today. It was a bulkier silhouette,

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Meet Honor Titus, the Punk Survivor With the Sold-Out Art Shows

A couple lounges on the flower-dotted grass, gauging the prospects of eternal love against time’s gathering clouds. A woman in a yellow dress abandons her saddle shoes at a sock hop. Tennis players measure their strokes up against old-timey nets. A young Miles Davis cradles his horn on a stump, honing his chops in the great outdoors on the way to transforming a thousand smoke-filled clubs.

Honor Titus’s paintings, on display at Timothy Taylor gallery NYC until March 27, adroitly mine the grand bohemian tradition of freewheeling leisure. Titus, who grew up in Brooklyn and relocated to Los Angeles four years ago, is glad for the homecoming. “It’s amazing to come back and have something to share,” says the 31-year-old painter. “I’ve got so much history interwoven in these streets, and it could easily not be a feel-good story.”

Clay Court, 2020
Down the Line, 2020Courtesy of Timothy Taylor
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