33 Best Dress Shoes for Men in 2021: Plain-Toe, Cap-Toe, Brogues, Monk Strap, and More

In 2021, figuring out where the best dress shoes for men fit into your footwear rotation is more confusing than ever. Your friends swear by Adidas. Your coworkers refuse to take off their Allbirds. And everybody is wearing Crocs. (Crocs!) Finding room in your heart, let alone in your closet, for shoes you once associated with the drudgery of your 9 to 5 is a tough ask.

But here’s the thing: the most compelling dress shoes on the market today don’t feel the same as their predecessors. The craftsmanship is still there, sure, but the fussiness? Not so much. That’s why skipping over reams of other footwear options and actively choosing to wear a dress shoe right now feels almost rebellious. Dress shoes will always be a stalwart of the work wardrobe, and a go-to for more formal occasions. But in their Platonic form they can also be

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Drake Gets Some Watch Inspiration from [Checks Notes] Queen Elizabeth II

Welcome to Watches of the Week, where we’ll track the rarest, wildest, and most covetable watches spotted on celebrities.

Paul Newman, Eric Clapton, John Mayer—there are plenty of north stars to look towards when shaping a watch collection. Here’s a new one, courtesy of the Certified Lover Boy: Queen Elizabeth II. Last weekend, Drake posted an image of himself on Instagram wearing a rare version of the Patek Philippe Ellipse with a diamond-set bezel. The next slide in the rapper’s story was his apparent inspiration for acquiring the piece: the Queen herself, sitting for a 1984 portrait while wearing the same Patek. Rap royalty meets real-life royalty. Drake is onto something here, because the watch world needs new icons. Many collectors gravitate towards the same models, which means they’re all trying to buy the same watches, like the Patek Nautilus, Rolex Daytona, or Rolex Submariner. So next

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Drake Hits the Links With a Pretty Sweet Golf Collection

Drake knows—maybe more than most—that in order to be a successful musician these days, you’ve got to put out more than music. While his newest album, Certified Lover Boy, sits atop the Billboard charts for another week, the Boy is also announcing his latest extracurricular project from his ongoing partnership with Nike: a new golf collection of course-ready sportswear, through his collaboration with Nike.

A refresher: Nocta, named for Drake’s proclaimed “nocturnal creative process,” is his Nike sub label that launched back in December. Though he released plenty of Nike-branded Certified Lover Boy merch over the course of the album’s lead-up, Nocta appears to focus more on relatively minimalist outerwear and tech-fabric gear; aside from a flourish or two, it’s been Champagne Papi in name only. The Nocta Golf collection is no different, featuring sleek anoraks, logo crewnecks, and Dri-Fit polos in black, white, gray, and hunter green. And

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Yeezy Knit Runner: Behold, Kanye’s Weirdest Sneaker Yet

Kanye West is already responsible for one of the funkiest shoe releases of 2021. His Yeezy 450 pairs a knit upper with a toothy foam midsole, and not much else—the sole dictates what little shape the shoe has. But for his latest trick, Kanye is going even floppier. The new YZY KNIT RNR (Yeezy Knit Runner) is basically fully knitted—a sweater for the foot. It might be Kanye’s strangest shoe yet—but it’s entirely of a piece with his recent interests. The first colorway, a mustard-tan combination called “Sulfur,” is set to drop September 23rd.

When images of the shoe first leaked, social media users accused Kanye of stealing Mickey Mouse’s kicks. And, sure, the Knit RNRs really do resemble upscale shoe booties. But there’s a little more happening here than meets the eye. Picture the shoe in foam and sliced with cutouts and you’ll see what I mean: the

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The Costume Institute’s New Exhibition Understands the Emotional Power of American Fashion

The Friday before the Met Gala (and the opening of its accompanying museum exhibition), I met the designer and impresario Tremaine Emory for tea. The theme of this year’s exhibition is In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, and Emory, who designs T-shirts, sweaters, and sneakers under the name Denim Tears, had recently found out his work would be featured in the show. He began musing about the meaning of American fashion—the way that it is rarely about design and much more about pulling together references and style with originality. It’s a kind of hustle, you might say.

“Marc and Ralph,” he mused, referring to Jacobs and Lauren, respectively, “are ultimate curators. Good at curating, styling—Kanye [West]’s a good one too. Curators and storytellers.”

He went on to list more: Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Willi Smith. JCPenney! And, of course, Levi’s, with whom he designed his most famous garments: a

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