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Three Generations of Skincare Experts Share Their Secrets

When was the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics founded, and what was the motivation behind starting this company? 

AH: The Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics was founded by my mother, Catherine Hinds, in 1979. She was an early advocate for a simple skincare routine, and after spending time in Europe, where she saw women taking care of their skin, she felt that there should be a better esthetic program that took care of the skin. My mother opened Cyclax of London, a heritage beauty salon from the UK, in her hometown of Boston in 1965 (which was later renamed Catherine Hinds in 1967). She pioneered exfoliation as part of the at-home routine with her famous “grains,” which were one of the first-to-market manual exfoliators. 

As her salon became increasingly successful, she turned herself into a female beauty entrepreneur—an unfamiliar term for the times. Wanting to spread her knowledge and

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The Best-Selling Jewelry Items of 2020—and What’s Out

If you’re a regular Who What Wear reader, you’re probably well aware of which jewelry trends are currently everywhere and which ones are slowly dying out. Interestingly enough, though, the rise of Instagram-induced trends has influenced which jewelry items people are buying and, consequently, which ones they’re just not shopping for as much anymore.

According to a recent Edited report, jewelry sales for bracelets and rings have gone down by 2.7% and 3.2% respectively over the last year. It seems that earrings and necklaces have quickly taken their place. If you think about the kind of jewelry you first notice on a person, necklaces and earrings are unmissable since they frame your face, so it makes sense that these two categories specifically are having a huge moment. With all the selfies on Instagram, it’s only natural that the necklaces and earrings adorning the wearer will get their fair

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The 6 Best Shoes to Wear With Jeans

There’s a strong chance that you live in jeans in your off-duty or 9-to-5 life (if you work in a casual office setting, of course). And given your affinity for those tried-and-true blues, there’s also a strong chance that you have a smattering of go-to items you wear with your favorite denim. When it comes to footwear specifically, there are a few specific pairs worth owning to elevate the most common, basic jean silhouettes like skinny, straight-leg, and black denim.

To highlight said shoes, we thought we’d turn to some of our favorite celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes who also all wear cool jeans on the regular. With that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the six footwear silhouettes that look flawless with denim, as showcased on the most fashion-forward A-listers.

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29 Cheap, Chic Spring Items That Look Like Zara’s Collection

Zara’s new collection is on point, and honestly, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been consistently shopping it already. In fact, our team recently covered a few of the fresh buys we’re loving that will probably sell out fast. But given that I do like to mix it up by filling my wardrobe with a variety of brands, I also have been on the hunt for similar items that are trendy (but not crazy pricey) for myself and my friends. Because I love you so much, dear readers, I’m sharing some of my favorite buys with you RN.

Ahead, I rounded up the $100-and-under spring fashion pieces—separated by category from tops to dresses—that I’m recommending to my inner circle. The best part? Everything coming your way is incredibly chic and expensive-looking (just like those new Zara finds).

So with that, keep scrolling to build your

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28 Top-Rated Skincare Products for Every Skin Type

I don’t know about you, but I don’t typically write a review for (or even rate) something unless I had a really terrific or a truly terrible experience, which is precisely why combing through a slew of reviews can be so helpful. Sure, a product can be touted as a best seller or a dermatologist can sing the praises of a certain face mask, but there’s something much more forward and relatable about a first-person review. It’s the closest thing to a try-before-you-buy situation, and it can be exceedingly helpful if you find yourself on the fence pre-purchase (especially if you’re pondering a big skincare splurge).

Of course, there have been, and likely always will be, issues of seeded or fake reviews (we’re not going to act like that’s not a thing), but if you head to trustworthy retailers, such as Dermstore, which houses all the most sought-after

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These Are the 16 Best Lightweight Foundations

Foundation is a polarizing topic. As with other touchy products like liquid eyeliner and red lipstick, some makeup wearers love it, some can’t stand it, and some fall somewhere in that zone of ambivalence where they could really go either way. I happen to identify with the latter group, as I adore a full face of makeup right down to the perfect foundation, but could just as easily skip that step in my day-to-day regime.

What matters most to me is that any formula I’m wearing, whether all day or for just a couple of hours, needs to feel lightweight on my skin. We’ve all experienced heavy, cakey foundation that might look nice in photos, but is an absolute nightmare to wear. It smudges, it transfers, and sometimes you can actually feel it clogging your pores. (No thank you!) 

Even if full coverage is your goal, lightweight formulas

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