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5 Outdated Spring Trends to Clean Out From Your Closet

I don’t know about you, but cleaning out my closet is usually the last thing I want to do, yet it always feels so good to purge the old and make room for the new once I get around to doing it. So now that I’ve been spending a lot more time at home (read: all my time), I’ve inevitably been getting around to the task. To get some intel on which spring fashion trends to donate and which to replace them with, I reached out to five celebrity stylists whose literal job is to make sure their A-list clients look as chic and up-to-date as possible.

I knew their recommendations would be good, but I didn’t know they’d be this good. I couldn’t agree with their selections more, which is why I’m jumping at the chance to share the intel here just in case you’re also itching to

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The 8 Best Jean Brands for Hourglass Figures

Shopping for jeans isn’t easy for anyone. Our bodies are all so different that it’s tough to find a truly perfect pair straight off the rack. That’s where having a great tailor comes in handy, but it also helps to know which brands best fit you, requiring only a little tailoring if any at all.

I find my body type particularly tough to shop for: I have skinny legs and a small waist but a more pronounced butt than most people expect. This means that most jeans I try on are either too big in the waist or too tight in the rear. But after plenty of trial and error, I’ve finally learned which brands and styles are ideal for me (and other women with this dilemma).

To save you all those extra trips to the fitting room (or the endless online returns), I’m sharing my favorites for this body

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25 Things I’m Buying During Violet Grey’s Memorial Day Sale

My adoration for Violet Grey (aka, one of my favorite retailers, which only offers the crème de la crème of beauty offerings) comes at a price. And yes, I mean that literally. Even though I’ve been leaning into more affordable skincare and makeup, I’ve had champagne taste, according to my mom, since preschool. Eek, I can’t help it! I pretty much always have a running list of splurge-worthy lipsticks, face creams, hair masks, and other glittering beauty concoctions I desperately want to slather all over my body.

But back to those high-price stakes I mentioned. Due to Violet Grey’s highly selective nature, the majority of products it offers swings heavily toward the “intense” side of the cost pendulum. Therefore, when I do splurge for something on my wish list, it’s usually in one- or two-product increments. I’m totally fine with this cycle, and it gives me

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The 17 Best White Tank Tops on Amazon

Some people might advocate for investing in luxury basics, but I’m not one of those editors. (Sorry, The Row.) For me, I don’t want to be paranoid about staining an expensive tee, tank, sweater—and I’m definitely not willing to send it to the dry cleaners or even line-dry it. Yes, I’m lazy. I’m all about affordable basics, which is why this roundup caps out at $49, with most pieces hovering around the $15 mark. 

I included a range of low-maintenance white tank tops from Amazon, including scoop necks, halternecks, crop tops, ribbed tanks, racerbacks, smocked versions, and more. Some of these styles have an insane amount of reviews, including one boasting an impressive 1528 five-star reviews. Scroll down to shop the best white tank tops on Amazon and get styling inspiration while you’re at it. 

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String Bikini Bottoms Are the Swimsuit Trend Celebs Love

Summer is just around the corner, and with that comes swimsuit season. This year, we’re spotting the rise of string bikinis on the market. From brands like Sommer Swim and Bamba Swim, the coolest labels are designing fresh versions of the itty-bitty bikini. Celebrities, models, and the fashion crowd are already endorsing the barely there swim trend. Whether posting a mirror selfie (we’re looking at you, Bella Hadid) or an epic beach photo, string bikinis are definitely the number one swimsuit style celebs are Instagramming.

We also noticed from Insta posts that celebs are wearing the “scandalous” swim bottoms super hiked-up, which elongates the look of the legs. See which celebrities are leading the pack on the ‘gram below, and shop our favorite string bikini bottoms as well.  

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Biotin and Vitamin C Might Cause Your Skin to Break Out

In short, ingesting vitamin C does not have the same potential to irritate the skin or cause breakouts as topical vitamin C, because the modality of absorption and form of vitamin C is different,” confirms Koszyk.

“Vitamin C is one of those nutrients that are as popular skincare actives as they are as dietary nutrients. What’s interesting is the different modalities of topical application versus ingestion work best with different forms of vitamin C. Vitamin C and many antioxidants in plants and superfoods are unstable when used as topical skincare, so we can’t expect a vitamin C–rich citrus fruit to yield those same great nutritional wellness benefits just by rubbing it on our skin.”

However, ingesting vitamin C is a different story, she says. “Our bodies are adapted to absorb vitamin C through our food, so ingesting a vitamin C–rich fruit is the best way to reap the

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