Bill Belichick, Who Wears Sweats to Work, Has Decided Now Is the Time to Start Dressing

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is as famous for his uniform as any coach can be: he’s known for his unique combo of hoodies, sweatshirts with the sleeves cut off, swishy Nike track pants, and a beanie perched on top of his head maximally askew. In other words, he looks like most of the world does right now, as more people than ever are staying home—and comfortable—to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. But today, in a video posted by the Patriots, Belichick (in his finest monotone, obviously) shared his appreciation for doctors, nurses, and medical workers and encouraged everyone to stay home. It was very nice, and will surely lead to a 1000% increase in New England residents willing to shelter in place. But the video was also shocking—jarring even.

That’s because the man who’s spent practically all his time in the spotlight wearing a

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How to Get Smooth Skin, According to Experts

If you feel like you’re doing the most you can with your at-home skincare routine but still not seeing the smoothing results you seek, it might be time to level up your game and take it to the pros. If you’re ready to work with your dermatologist, Rogers recommends exploring lasering (ablative and non-ablative) resurfacing, which is the most powerful treatment available for addressing texture concerns. “A gentle version is the Clear+Brilliant treatment,” says Rogers. “I recommend this treatment two weeks before any big event for glowing, smooth skin.” For a more aggressive option, she counsels patients to try the CO2 laser, which she uses daily to treat scars, wrinkles, and deep texture issues.

If a spa visit is more your speed, Allison Tray, proprietress of Tres Belle Spa in Brooklyn, recommends peels of varying strengths. “If we are working with a very surface issue, a light peel as

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The 11 Best Jeans for Women Over 50

Regardless of what year you came into this world, we can all learn a thing or two about style from our wiser fashion counterparts. These are the women who have lived to see generations worth of trends come and go and who have spent the better half of a lifetime honing in on what they can now claim as a strong sense of personal style. Since this group of women offers a wealth of knowledge, I was curious to know what kind of style lessons they can teach the rest of us, especially when it comes to a topic as timeless as denim.

I spoke with two of the many chic older women I’ve taken to following on Instagram for style inspiration: Grece Ghanem, a 54-year-old from Montréal with a penchant for print-mixing and “Old Céline,” and Renata Jazdzyk, a 50-something from the UK you’ve seen wearing

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14 Best White T-Shirts For Everyone in 2020

Determining the best white T-shirts is a near-impossible task. Every brand on Earth makes their own white tee, and every person on Earth has their own go-to version. (For proof, just look at the 22 stellar options that GQ staffers swear by here.) A great white T-shirt is the foundation of your wardrobe—you can pull one on alone with jeans, use it to tamp down the wildness of your new silk camp shirt, tuck it in with your sharpest suit, wear it around the house in your boxers, whatever. Finding the right white tee for you really depends on, well, you: Do you want the fabric to be thick and beefy or airy and soft? A trim, tailored cut, or a loose, boxy one? Are you willing to drop some serious dough on a truly perfect tee, or does that seem outrageous for something so basic? We

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The Who What Wear 30-Day Work From Home Wardrobe Challenge

If you’re a Who What Wear newsletter subscriber, you’ll have noticed that recently we put out a call out to our readers to email feedback and content requests directly to us. While perusing my inbox chock full of your brilliant ideas, I noticed a common plea to bring back our 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge. For those of you who don’t have the memory of a stylish elephant and may need a refresher on the series last seen in 2017, every season we released a 30-day challenge with fashion “dares” designed to help reinvigorate your wardrobe and tap into new trends and styling ideas. Readers would follow along and try the challenges, thoroughly documenting it all on their social media, and we would share our favorite looks on Who What Wear.

All this to say, we’re back! It’ll be the same, but different. For starters, this time around we’ll be exploring

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This French Girl Does '90s Makeup Perfectly—Here's Everything She Uses

I don’t know about you, but since being quarantined at home, my screen time (read: Instagram time) has increased dramatically. I’m not proud of it, but there’s only so much I can do to keep myself entertained right now. All I can say is, I’m thankful to all the people I Insta-stalk for using this time to create content that’s equal parts amusing and inspiring to watch. Such is the case with one of my favorite stylish French girls: Sabina Socol. In a recent IGTV, Socol shared her go-to makeup routine for creating the ultimate ’90s-inspired beauty look. It’s simple, pretty, and about as much as my brain can handle right now. I have a feeling I’m not alone in this sentiment, so I’m rounding up all the steps here for you to give it a go because you really have no excuse not to.

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