An Honest Review of 22 Marc Jacobs Beauty Products

It’s no secret that my fellow beauty editor Erin Jahns and I are big time makeup lovers. I mean, yes—taking interest in the latest mascaras, highlighters, and foundations is actually part of our job descriptions. But honestly, you would probably laugh if you could pay witness to the major makeup geeking that goes down at our desks over the course of any given day.

That’s why we decided to deep dive into another iconic makeup brand, and give our thorough, honest reviews of the top products we see garnering the most buzz. We like to assess for ourselves whether certain famed products are really worth the hype, and your money. This time around, we’re delving into celebrity makeup artist favorite, Marc Jacobs Beauty. From March 14-18, the company will be running its Friends and Family sale wherein you can enjoy 25% off sitewide, plus free shipping on $75 or more by using code GETMARC at checkout.

Ahead of the big sale, Erin and I got our hands on 22 of the most beloved products from the line, and below, you can get our honest reviews to help you decide which beauty buys to stock up on while they’re super cheap. Get our thoughts ahead, and don’t miss you chance to score major discounts on everything you see here and so much more.

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