Timberland’s Most Iconic Boot Takes Things Up a Notch

The Timberland six-inch work boot occupies rarified space in contemporary fashion. It feels regional and global at once, and it now looks just as at home on runways as it does construction sites. This is thanks to countless 1990s New York rappers who were early to embrace the wheat-colored boot, weaving it into the fabric of influential hip-hop style. (Everyone from Biggie Smalls to Mobb Deep to Jay-Z to Kanye West has donned a pair.) The rugged boot eventually leaped into the fashion space, with designers and luxury labels paying homage to the style.

The shoe is undoubtedly a worldwide icon at this point but remains especially beloved in the Big Apple. You’ll see the unmissable silhouette everywhere: downtown, uptown, and in every other corner of the city. It makes perfect sense that Timberland has teamed up with Alife, a stalwart of New York streetwear since 1999, for a

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