Day: November 15, 2021

There Are a Ton of Killer White Sneakers on Sale Right Now

If somebody once told you white sneakers should only be a summertime flex, somebody lied. So let’s set the record straight: like a fizzy lambrusco, a crisp pair of white sneakers are always in season. Sure, they might not offer the same degree of heavy-duty blizzard-protection as a pair of winter boots, but if you’re jonesing for a classic pair of kicks that’ll look fantastic with baggy cords, sturdy denim, and just about every winter-weight pant in between, they’re more than up for the job.

And that’s good news. Because at this very moment, END. has a formidable selection of GQ-approved white sneaks on sale for right around 100 bucks—and in a full run of sizes, too. Scared of wearing ‘em in a drizzle? Don’t be. Embrace the inevitable muck and mud and they’ll look way better than they did fresh out of the box. Which means whether

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