Inside the Making of Oscar Isaac’s Viral Scenes From a Marriage Fits

Lately, it’s been impossible to spend any time on social media without running into a photo of the actor Oscar Isaac in costume fittings for his recent HBO miniseries Scenes from a Marriage. Instagram, Twitter—no platform is safe from his wire-rimmed glasses and salt-and-pepper curls. Hell, E! News even crowned him their #ManCrushMonday. Now, Oscar’s a cutie, but the chatter here has mostly been centered on what he’s wearing. How can a pair of slouchy brown corduroys, a tweed jacket, and normie New Balances have everyone sweating this much?

One answer: the looks are the brainchild of costume designer and stylist Miyako Bellizzi, best known for her work on the Safdie brothers’ 2019 hit Uncut Gems. She’d posted a slew of looks of Isaac in character as Jonathan, one half of the married couple at the center of Scenes from a Marriage, on Friday. But if

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