Day: September 9, 2021

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A new common bipod that clamps immediately onto the barrel of a rifle, adjustable 7 position telescopic legs allow for setting the capturing height from 6 to 12 inches.

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For the third consecutive year Apple came up with another, faster and enhanced version of iPhone, iPhone 3gs. The virtual disappearance of French trend houses throughout the warfare led American designers to explore their very own creativity. Designers like Bonnie Cashin and Claire McCardell have been instrumental in the creation of sportswear, that singularly American look that includes coordinated separates that may very well be worn in layers or in numerous combos. The trend not only gave ladies elevated choices and made it seem as if they had more garments than they actually did, but additionally blurred the road between couture and prepared-to-wear by showing ladies they might be both stylish and comfy with out spending a fortune.… Read More

At Last, Dogs Playing Poker Goes High Fashion

In countless respects, we’ve come a long way since the Givenchy Rottweiler tee that heralded streetwear’s still-running relationship with high fashion. Nowadays, in the realm of canine fashion apparel (and beyond), the people want less bark, less bite—which is exactly the sort of vibe that anthropomorphized dogs rendered in fleece can deliver.

Case in point: a cushy anorak and matching shorts set from Loewe’s Eye/LOEWE/Nature line, a permanent extension to the brand’s men’s ready-to-wear collections centered on playful, upcycled pieces. “I love the idea of repurposing something that already has a life: it reminds me of the transformative power of creativity,” creative director Jonathan Anderson said of the sub-line in 2019. Here, Anderson repurposes the iconic not-art-art poster of yore, taking some creative liberties and boosting biodiversity with the addition of a few Wes Anderson-y foxes. (Did you know that the image of dogs playing poker, from Cassius Marcellus

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