Day: August 21, 2021

The Best Body Wash Won’t Make You Smell Like a Gym Shower

After testing the best bar soaps, the battle royale for the best body wash was only inevitable. After all, “bar soap versus body wash” is basically the “boxers or briefs” of bathing. If you’re in the body wash corner of that debate, you need a cleanser that’s equally hydrating as it is thorough. And it’s gotta smell fresh—or perfectly neutral. (Many people prefer a fragrance-free option, often due to sensitive skin.) In some instances, it’s got to neutralize bacterial buildup or counter acne-prone skin. Maybe you need a body wash that won’t break the bank, or one that is luxurious through and through. Regardless, there’s a pick for you below, in our roundup of the nine best body washes.

The Best Unscented Body Wash

Nécessaire fragrance-free body wash

Nécessaire happens to sell some of our favorite scented body washes—Sandalwood is our top pick of their three—but this fragrance-free option

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