Day: August 17, 2021

Supreme x Shrek? Supreme x Shrek!

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me—and that happened this morning, with news that Supreme is dropping a Shrek T-shirt. The world has rolled me.

Monday morning, Supreme released a preview of its fall/winter 2021 collection, and the internet was quick to pick up on one new design in particular: a tee featuring the logo from the animated movie Shrek, reworked to spell out “Supreme” (with Shrek’s little ogre ears on the S and all). Some said the design, which also appears on a few knitted beanies and a trio of skate decks, is the best thing Supreme’s done in years. But it’s also undeniably…weird. Supreme has perfected its niche reference formula; Shrek is a large pop culture entity. How did this happen? 

Streetwear, like onions and ogres, has layers. To keep churning out highly covetable styles with each new drop, Supreme builds up a teetering

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