Day: August 7, 2021

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Why: Mothers and sons must be required to carrying matching outfits, given these looks served by Lou Doillon and her 17 yr old son Jack.

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As Jonathon of the hit new collection Blowout says your hair will make you or break you. Tobacco business must be controlled and strictly controlled. For homeowners in the U.S. tobacco industry isn’t a situation of a great climate. And ask the American government to the strict guidelines that only apply within the United States alone. And does not apply to worldwide enterprise networks in numerous parts of different international locations. Put up-1998 invasion was in progress. And targets that cigarette house owners are the nations that enter the third country teams.

I was the one to all the time wear black pants with all the pieces because I used to be always chubby and didn’t spend money on clothes. Ordering a … Read More

It Happened: President Biden Wore a Tan Suit

Seven years to the month since President Obama wore a tan suit during a White House press briefing—a non-scandal of such magnitude that it garnered its own Wikipedia page—President Biden orchestrated a beige moment of his own, opting to wear a similar fit during a briefing this morning. (Coincidentally or not, the day after Obama’s birthday). Like clockwork, Twitter pounced.

While Obama opted for a tonal moment back in 2014, pairing his tan suit with a taupe striped tie, Biden added a bit of color with an emerald leaf-printed tie that gives off an unfortunate—but also Deeply Biden™—St. Patrick’s Day vibe. 

Go back a lifetime ago to August 28, 2014. Obama was speaking on increasing the U.S. military response to Islamic State presence in Syria, though you’d hardly remember that in the shadow of Tan Suit Gate. At the time, commentators deemed Obama’s taupe-colored suit—though similar suits had been

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