Day: July 22, 2021

“The Billboard of New York”: How Calvin Klein Turned a Billboard Into an Icon

Nothing about a physical billboard screams innovation. But over the past five years, Calvin Klein’s made the billboard a platform to broadcast firsts: the first gay couple, the first Black trans woman in Jones, and as the first plus-size woman (the rapper Chika, featured in a campaign that purposefully echoed Kate Moss’s iconic CK photos).

The brand sees the billboard as a way to make a larger statement—one that may just so happen to translate to selling more of those undies. “It’s really important to understand who our customer is, and understand from a cultural standpoint what’s happening,” Peters, the Calvin Klein executive, says. There is really no better way for Calvin Klein to insert themselves into that conversation than the billboard. It is a 75-by-55 foot canvas for the brand to “show support for the things that matter to our customer,” Peters says.

This year’s Pride campaign features poet

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