Day: July 21, 2021

Issues With The Style Trade

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Let’s specific trend as one other stunning manifestation of life. Add a blazer or cardigan should you’re going for a monochromatic effect. Decorate yourself with scarves, pantyhose, belts and jewelry. Look for scarves with lengthy vertical ends. Wear thin belts and keep away from big cumbersome ones. Long necklaces or pendants on a V-neck; add extra glamor and suaveness to your apparel, giving your neck an elongated end. Wear heels which have an inch or two of heel in them. If you’re petite and a plus sized magnificence, go for smaller prints so that your outfit isn’t too overwhelming.

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Jeff Bezos Wore a Cowboy Hat to Space

Greetings from the uncanny valley, where billionaires conduct a modern-day space race in the midst of a hurtling climate crisis and global pandemic while wearing, naturally, westernwear.

Today, billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became a space cowboy, launching himself just outside Earth’s atmosphere for 10 minutes while wearing a cowboy hat and boots. To put it very plainly: this was a bizarre uniform for a new sort of final frontier.

Bezos unveiled his firm Blue Origin’s uniforms a few days ahead of its inaugural human flight to the edge of outer space, posing alongside a three-person crew comprising his younger brother Mark Bezos, astronautical pioneer Wally Funk, and 18-year-old Dutch physics student Oliver Daemen. In the photos, the foursome pose in their cobalt-blue coverall space suits, which the elder Bezos paired with a taupe cowboy hat and matching boots. In post-launch footage of the Blue Origin touching back down earthside

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