Day: July 15, 2021

Reese Witherspoon Style

A man does put on jewellery and jewellery could be frequent mens fashion equipment. You will see plenty of dudes sporting necklaces, rings and earrings.

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We live in a world surrounded by quite a few issues which can be both related to the technology, the most recent gadgets or the latest trend. Some of the commonly used cubicle equipment at homes and workplaces are coat hooks, sorters, organizers, clip hangers, wall racks, card holders, pencil and pen stands, cellular phone holders, desk planners, message boards, whiteboards, and marker boards. Coat hooks are an amazing addition to keep coats, hats, and different garments neat and tidy. Cubicle organizers make use of wall area for nicely outlined planning and organization. Wall racks are nice additions in cubicles to carry all the required objects. Marker boards are available in folding and unfolding styles for handy utilization.

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Jeff Goldblum, Eyewear Icon, Designed His Own Glasses

Jeff Goldblum is known for many things. There is the acting, of course, and also the enthusiastic and eccentric personality that runs alongside it. There is his jazz band, and his joyfully weird personal style. Another thing that the legendary renaissance man is known for? His long-standing affinity for statement eyewear. So, naturally, Goldblum has teamed up with one of the best labels in the glasses game—Los Angeles-based Jacques Marie Mage—for a trio of limited-edition frames.

Courtesy of Jacques Marie Mage

Founded in 2015, Jacques Marie Mage makes oversized, bold frames beloved by high-wattage Hollywood types—and anyone else who favors envelope-pushing eyewear. (GQ has styled both Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt in the brand’s wares.) To say Goldblum is a fan of the label might be an understatement. He’s been wearing the frames for years and is not shy about the brand being his favorite eyewear company.

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