Day: June 14, 2021

The First Telfar x Ugg Drop Is Here

Telfar Clemens’s greatest talent has always been turning the merely accessible into the hugely desirable. While many brands and products rely on scarcity to build hype, Clemens goes as far as he can in the opposite direction. He took his “Shopping Bag”, the brand’s crown jewel, with sell-out times measured in seconds, and made it so that anyone could buy it, an idea that would have been heretical to nearly any other brand and designer. Accordingly, the brand’s power lies not in rare goods but in the broad community that surrounds and embraces its products. So there may be no better brand soulmate for Telfar than Ugg, the makers of the omnipresent sheepskin-lined boots. And the designer’s long-awaited collab is now here, dropping first on Telfar’s website on June 14th before releasing at Ugg the week after, on June 21st. “We have always been obsessed with ubiquity, seeing

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