Day: June 2, 2021

David Beckham Is Dressing His Butt Off

David Beckham

It’s no secret that David Beckham knows how to get dressed. We’re talking about a guy who was unafraid of rocking a sarong in the ‘90s, when most of us were still in cargo shorts. But it’s been a joy to see him out and about in New York this week dressing like the handsome elder statesman of soccer that he’s become. Dude has the range: a polo and slacks for a dressy lunch out. A casual henley and jeans (with some wicked luggage) at the hotel. And a very mellow take on the blazer-and-slacks dinner uniform—baggy pants, T-shirt, white sneaks—for a night on the town. There’s nothing unattainable here—this is just what it looks like when you know exactly how you want to dress. Take notes.

Adam Pantozzi

Devin Booker

The young gunner is making the style leap! That he’s also making the leap hoopswise

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