Day: May 9, 2021

The 17 Best Men’s Leather Wallets For Carrying It All

The hunt for a new men’s leather wallet is a deeply personal one. You’re entering into a long-term relationship. Which means the best wallet for you is one that fits into your lifestyle, but is also something you can love. Are you front pocket or back? Carry-it-all or just cards, ID, and cash? And then you have to decide, are you staying classic with a brown or black leather wallet, or looking to flex? 

Listen, a new wallet is an opportunity you should seize. It’s the chance to catch the eye of everyone in the coffee shop with an anything-but-boring leather cardholder. It’s the chance to part ways with that clunky tri-fold you’ve been cramming with credit cards, coupons, and a ticket stub you saved from a 2003 Outkast concert. It’s the chance to solve problems that have been plaguing you for years. Which is to say: yes, we’ve

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