Day: March 16, 2021

Doxa Sub 300 Carbon: Jacques Cousteau’s Favorite Watch Brand Is Revamping Its Icon

The watch: The Doxa Sub 300 Carbon

The single best thing about this watch: The way it pairs carbon with the elementary school joy of a fresh pack of highlighters.

In Doxa’s world, neon orange is “Professional.”  

Courtesy of Doxa

Shine like this yellow Divingstar.

Courtesy of Doxa

The backstory: When it comes to dive watches, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But while many of them follow the template set by the Rolex Submariner, the oomph-packing Doxa Sub 300 is a watch all its own. For starters, it comes with the most prestigious cosign possible: Doxa was Jacques Cousteau’s brand of choice. He loved the watches so much that he sold them Stateside through his company, U.S. Divers. It’s not difficult to see what Cousteau loved about the Sub specifically. Originally released in 1967, the watch features confounding proportions and even wilder colors. It’s known for its

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The Newest Coiffure Trend And Magnificence Tendencies Of The Stars Of The Crimson Carpet

Designers persistently preserve renovating the fashion types and provide you with assorted designs every so often and so does the tendencies in style markets too.

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Early Western travelers, touring whether or not to Persia, Turkey, India, or China, would frequently comment on the absence of change in fashion in the respective places. Human being has an urge for change. Change adds spice and flavor to life. It is a crucial cause of fashion craze. No one likes the conventional, outdated issues. By following the latest tendencies in style the youth try to present that they are novel and charming. Fashions have been a major reason for the progress of civilization. In truth, fashions and prosperity have close relations. Fashions are contagious. When folks meet with one another, their contact with each other brings into vogue fashions and styles. Young men and women attending places of … Read More