Day: March 12, 2021

17 Best Bath Towels in 2021: Replace Those Old Moldy Shower Rags for Under $75

P.S. Right now, if you drop $50 to pick up GQ’s Spring 2021 Best Stuff Box, which includes an $80 pair of Richer Poorer Sweatpants and a ton of other editor-loved grooming goods, you’ll also get the fast-drying Onsen bath towel. 

The Best Standard Bath Towel

Picture a towel in your head, and you’re probably picturing this one from Boll & Branch. It’s medium thickness, but with a tall pile. It feels plush, but not the kind of plush where it feels like you’re not getting dry very quickly. It’s soft, and feels just as good after 10 washes. Added plus: Boll & Branch ensures their product is sustainably made with organic cotton, so you can brag to your hippie in-laws when they comment on your lovely bath towel set.

The Best Gigantic Bath Sheet Towel

Coyuchi air weight bath sheet

All of the towels we recommend come in

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