Day: March 8, 2021

The Revenge Dress Comes to Menswear

Do you ever wonder what Princess Diana was feeling when she stepped out of her car, post-divorce announcement, in that black, off-the-shoulder “Revenge Dress” by Christina Stambolian? Did the late Princess feel electrified? Was she angry? Was she really feeling as confident as she appeared on the outside? You can wait until The Crown addresses the incident. Or you could dip into the German label GmbH’s latest Autumn/Winter collection and find out for yourself.

Inspired by this moment, GmbH’s creative directors Serhat Iski and Benjamin Huseby put a vengeful twist on men’s tailoring, offering streamlined coats, suits, and even a full fur coat featuring Diana’s iconic silhouette. Shoulders are out, waists are accentuated, and necklines drawing eyes to the cleavage are sure to bring out a regretful ex just as Lady Di did. (There’s even a built-in corset within the full fur coat—so that wearer’s shoulders will look “extra vengeful,”

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