Day: March 4, 2021

The Adidas Samba Is Having a Serious Moment

Last December, the always-stylish A$AP Rocky was spotted in white Sambas (which he slightly freaked by adding slime green laces) on set for the music video shoot of A$AP Nast’s “Designer Boi.” And then again, in January, seemingly earning a spot in the hip-hop star’s constant rotation. Then, A$AP Nast jumped on the Samba wave, pairing white ones (sans neon laces) with a perfect-fitting overcoat and trousers and firing off an Instagram with the caption “I only want these Sambas.” Just last week, Frank Ocean was spotted in New York City donning a pair of Sambas, even in the dead of winter.

The Samba has been a favorite of many—mostly soccer players and skaters—for decades, but only recently made the jump into the world of fashion. The original design, which debuted in the 1950s, is barely recognizable as the Samba we see today. It was a bulkier silhouette,

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