Day: February 11, 2021

If Your Pillow Can Be “Good,” What Else Can Be?

The existence of Good Pillow, the new company from gun control activist David Hogg, of course implies the existence of a Bad Pillow. That bad pillow, in Hogg’s telling, comes from MyPillow, the company started by Mike Lindell—the pillow-cradling, maybe-Jane-Krakowski romancing, and Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist. Good Pillow was born as a natural rival to MyPillow: there isn’t yet a product to buy, but Hogg already promises that his company will align with progressive values and treat its employees well. While there’s no way to know yet if the pillow will be good, it is already Good. The battle lines are drawn: if you can buy a Good Pillow, why would you ever buy a bad one?

Politicized brands are hardly a new phenomenon. This came into clear view at the onset of the Trump presidency, which urged brands to choose sides on political issues. The companies that stood silently

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