Day: February 7, 2021

The 9 Best Home Deals We Found This Week

When literally everything you own is itself a light source, it’s easy to overlook the productivity-enhancing (and eyeball-saving) power of even a mediocre desk lamp. Have you noticed that your eyes really hurt at the end of the day when it is dark outside and the light from your laptop is boring a hole in your soul? Alternate, warmer light sources (and some regular screen breaks) can help. But a truly great desk lamp does more than just help you see better—it’s a sculptural centerpiece of a thoughtful home desk setup.

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini desk lamp (was $195, now 60% off)

The Anglepoise Type 75 Mini is legendary, for its looks, sure, but also for just what an incredibly good desk lamp it is. Despite a stick-like footprint and slender arm, the spring system at its base allows the lamp to remain in perfect balance regardless of

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