Day: January 25, 2021

12 Culture-Shapers on the Clothes That Make Them Happy

Drew Barrymore: Yeah, old soft T-shirts. It’s just the softness, the feel of them, like a second skin, not wearing anything, nothing’s binding, nothing’s tight—it’s like you’re naked without having to be naked. No constriction whatsoever. I didn’t think I would wear clothes until they disintegrated, but I’ve become that person. I hate when they actually literally shred. I’ve had to have some funerals.

Tracy Morgan: No, there’s no materialistic things. I’m not superficial. I wear my happiness on my face.

Mookie Betts: When I dress up, wear suits, that makes me pretty happy. And sometimes I just throw on a suit to go hang out with friends and whatnot. I just enjoy walking around and being in a suit. Bow ties, those type of things, is what sets it off for me. I think I just like the clean look.

Anthony Hopkins: No, I just wear jeans, a torn

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