Day: January 7, 2021

No, Ryder Ripps Didn’t Do the CIA Redesign

First things first: despite his assertions to the contrary, rapscallion artist Ryder Ripps is not responsible for the Central Intelligence Agency’s much-talked-about digital rebrand, revealed on Monday. A spokesperson for the organization told GQ in crisp, bureaucratic prose that, “As CIA’s new website states, we’re looking for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to work at CIA, but this individual had absolutely nothing to do with our website redesign.”

Still, in these crazy, mixed up times, it can be hard to tell up from down, down from up, alt-right from alt-wrong, prankster from hard-working genius.

And so, when Ripps added the new CIA logo to his Instagram portfolio in a post he deleted but added again the next day, the idea almost seemed to add up, somehow. After all, Ripps is the controversial post-internet artist who has designed (legit) websites for Ryan Trecartin and Soylent; who has a

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