Day: January 5, 2021

Travis Scott Got the Sex Watch

Some people are said to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others put all their most obscene desires on their wrist. That latter camp includes Drake: Remember when the rapper wore Richard Mille’s “Erotic” watch to an NBA Finals game in 2019? That piece, known as reference—and this is not a joke—RM 69, functions not unlike a horny Mad Libs: The pusher on the side activates the three bars on the dial to flip until it generates a random prurient phrase. And the small club of owners now includes rapper and McDonald’s collaborator Travis Scott. This morning, Scott posted a picture of himself wearing the watch, with its bleepers set to the ever-subtle “Let Me Explore Your Pussy.”

The RM 69 is not unlike a comet: appearing once or twice a lifetime in unforgettable fashion. I haven’t seen it in the wild since Drake took it for a spin,

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