Day: January 2, 2021

The Most Popular Watches of the Year 2020 Are…

Like everything else in the world, the watch industry was in constant flux this year. Trade shows were canceled, releases were taken off the calendar (only to be put right back on months later), and every event worth wearing a watch to didn’t conform with CDC regulations. The lack of award ceremonies and chichi parties heavily suppressed the volume of watches that came onto our radar this year.

But the watches were still worn. And, surprisingly, our accounting of the watches we spotted this year very closely mirrors what we saw in 2019. While overall numbers were down across the board, many of the same watches and brands that reigned supreme in 2019 did so again in 2020. But maybe that shouldn’t be a shock: watch collectors are a fanatical bunch. A Rolex Forum thread from April that asked “Do you wear your watch at home during

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