Day: January 1, 2021

This Year, No One Dressed Quite As Sharp as Eugene Levy

For decades, Eugene Levy has occupied a sacred space in contemporary comedy: you’ll know him from his beloved mockumentaries with his co-collaborator Christopher Guest, the wildly popular American Pie franchise, and most recently, of course, the sleeper hit show Schitt’s Creek, which he created alongside his son, Dan Levy. The 74-year-old actor is better known for his razor-sharp comedic delivery than his personal style. So, it was a little unexpected when he spent 2020—not anyone’s idea of a well-dressed year—showing up in one expert-level suit or tuxedo after the next.

Leon Bennett / Getty Images

This isn’t to say Levy is a stranger to looking cool and embracing the wilder edges of eccentric suiting. This jacket-shirt-and-tie combo from 1985 makes it pretty clear that he has always been down to have some fun with how he gets dressed. Even this early 1990s look (complete with unbuttoned shirt and

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