Day: November 20, 2020

Another Year, Another Great Barack Obama Jacket

He’s no Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. But, in his post-presidential life, Barack Obama has been committed to articulating a sense of personal style that makes one wonder whether a personal goal of his is convincing America that he is—and was—the first cool president of the modern era. If Obama had stuck to the boxy blazers that once defined his public image, well, nobody would have cared. This is America after all, where on the list of political cardinal sins, looking too fashionable is up there with sleeping with your intern.

Which is perhaps why Obama’s new look has taken shape slowly: over the past few years his pants have become progressively slimmer, his dress shoes have haltingly been swapped for sneakers. (We’ll forgive you the Allbirds for now, sir.) But after an entire presidential administration outside the White House, Obama has clearly unlocked a level of previously untapped

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