Day: November 1, 2020

Bruce Springsteen’s Watch Is Born to Run

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There’s not much debate when it comes to ranking Bruce Springsteen’s best albums. Darkness on the Edge of Town has its partisans, as does Born in the USA. Some maniacs love Tunnel of Love. But Born to Run is peak Springsteen: it’s filled with big, epic jazzy rock songs and half-shouted ridiculous lines that every dad in America knows by heart. But the Bruce album that will always have my heart is Nebraska. It’s Springsteen at his whisperiest—he recorded the whole thing at home, on a four-track. What I’m getting at is: Springsteen is no one-trick pony. That’s true of his watches, too, and his latest watch is a lot more Nebraska than Born to Run: quiet, not showy; unique, not everywhere; and not exactly the piece

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