Day: October 27, 2020

For Draymond Green, Watch Collecting Is a Competition

I started speaking with him on Thursday evening. And I said, “I can’t get this watch from anywhere. It’s impossible to get.” And he said, “I can get the watch.” I had on an all-black Fendi crewneck sweater and it had two eyes on it—nice sweater. He’s like, “All right, bet me this sweater that I’ll get you the watch. And I’ll get it by next Thursday.” So I was like “Let’s bet.” No chance I’m losing.

Sure enough, he had the watch in his hand by Monday night.

It’s interesting that for four months you stayed hot in pursuit of this watch. You heard other people say that you weren’t going to be able to find it. And you didn’t just say, “Oh, okay, I’m just going to get another piece.” What kept you from not just giving up and getting another watch?

Well, I’m the type of person

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