Day: October 22, 2020

How Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God Is Reinventing Luxury American Fashion

Lorenzo still doesn’t adhere to the dictates of the traditional fashion calendar—he puts out a new Fear of God collection only when he’s ready, usually once every year or so. His seventh collection includes denim and sneakers and a classical, graphic homage to the Negro Leagues, but for the first time, it also contains elevated knitwear, louche suiting, even loafers: effortless but expertly tailored clothes made to be worn from inside, rather than outside, the gates.

Since its unveiling in August, the collection has been hailed by publications from the Los Angeles Times to Vogue as a breakthrough—“a transitional punctuation mark between ‘emerging’ and ‘emerged,’ ” as the latter put it. The collection takes the same energy Lorenzo had once put behind reinventing streetwear and turns it toward the entirety of the male wardrobe. The statement is as clear as the graphic he might have once affixed to a hoodie:

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