Day: October 12, 2020

The Best Kindle and E-Readers in 2020 to Power Through Your Virtual Nightstand Stack

To consider the best kindle and e-readers in 2020 (and, yes, now is a particularly good time to consider one because Amazon‘s unlimited ebook subscription is 50% off for Prime Day), it’s worth going back to the very first Amazon Kindle. Launched in 2007, it was peak 1.0 gadgetry: an e-ink screen that switched pages while you waited, a full keyboard, a design that looked like failed origami, and a $400 price. In most ways its was less enjoyable to use than its predecessor, which was books. I desperately wanted one.

Since then, the best e-readers have slowly-but-surely become remarkably utilitarian gadgets with genuine upsides over paper and glue: less-expensive books, wireless-everything, self-lit, sometimes even water-resistant. For less than $100, you can now have a pocketable sliver of plastic that holds 1,000 books (and requires the death of far fewer trees). And now you can dedicate your bookshelves

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