Day: October 5, 2020

From Baby Phat to Beyoncé, Jerome Lamaar Is Making His Move

GQ: Let’s start with the beginning. How’d you land Baby Phat at 15?

Jerome Lamaar: Well, I loved Baby Phat early on because I saw my mother wear a plum Baby Phat shirt that had the iconic crystals on it. My first job ever was at Key Foods in the Bronx and I would sketch on people’s receipts and say ‘This job is cute, but I’m gonna work at Baby Phat.’

While I was a student at the Institute of Art + Design in New York, Christina Lee, who at the time was the VP of Branding at Baby Phat, saw my sketches and asked, “Who did these?” I thought, “Me, duh.” and when I mentioned that they were mine she said, “Because Kimora is looking for someone just like you.”

Yes, manifesting! So what did they have you do?

Well, I was an intern for a year, and

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