Day: October 1, 2020

Of Course “Will You Shut Up, Man?” Is Already a T-Shirt

There were several standout moments and lines from last night’s debate, which best resembled a hurricane blowing into a barn full of manure. But none was quite so striking as Joe Biden reaching his boiling point just minutes into the night and asking Donald Trump, “Will you shut up, man?”

Online, Biden’s line has already been plucked as a Democratic rallying cry from last night. And because it’s 2020, it’s also been made into a T-shirt. It wasn’t long after asking Trump to shut up that the merch machine started whirring—it’s as if Biden was speaking directly into a screen-printing device. And now the former VP’s comeback is suddenly the hottest tee slogan in the world.

Joe Biden’s official “Will You Shut Up, Man” Campaign T-shirt

Courtesy of The Biden Victory Fund

The Hill reports that before the debate even wrapped, the official Biden campaign store was selling tees with

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