Month: October 2020

Are the Brooklyn Nets the Most Stylish Team in the NBA?

Jerry Seinfeld: Like Basquiat, is probably more famous for living in Manhattan than being born in Brooklyn. That hasn’t stopped the Nets so far.

David Blaine: Did you know the famous magician is from Brooklyn? Imagine some translucent jerseys, like he made them…. disappear! The artist is known for tricks that exhibit his endurance, but has he tried being a lifelong Nets fan? (I’m a lifelong Nets fan, so I can say that.)

Joseph Heller: How about jerseys inspired by the author behind required-reading Catch 22? You’d have to be crazy not to want these jerseys but all Nets fans are crazy.

Williamsburg pasta joint Misi: It’s absolutely impossible to reserve your jersey.

Bernie Sanders: Free jerseys for all.

Bernie Bro: Free jerseys for all, and they’re making sure everyone freaking knows it.

Abraham Maslow: Maslow’s new hierarchy of needs lists food, water, warmth, rest, and Nets basketball as

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11 Best Robot Vacuums of 2020: Suck Up Dirt While Soaking Up Life

Our favorite budget vacuums are currently made by Eufy, including this one, the 15C Max. Though it employs a random bump method, we found that the Eufy 15C Max had enough suction power to be a supremely effective cleaner. It had a little trouble getting over an odd 1″-tall hump in our kitchen with hard floors, but otherwise did a great job navigating around the space and cleaning up everything we put in front of its motor. Scheduling cleaning times or manually turning on the bot is really easy to do with the Eufy app, which is well laid-out and simply designed. You’re also able to connect the vacuum with Amazon Echo or the Google Home, if you’d like to schedule cleaning with your voice.

Best Mopping Robot Vacuum

Roborock S6 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Compared with mapping and surface detection technologies, the latest innovation among robot vacuums is

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The Life of Sean Pablo, Supreme’s Young Superstar Skater

To paraphrase Juelz Santana, Sean Pablo is 23 and lives a crazy life. He’s the heartthrob of Supreme’s skate team, known for his balletic 360 flip and badass grimace; he also rides for Jason Dill’s skate brand, Fucking Awesome. He travels all around the world with Supreme, having his photograph taken and filming for the next skate video; hangs in New York with his pal Chloë Sevigny (“He’s a charmer,” she tells me by phone), secretly making “emo-rap rock” (his words) music on the side; and hunts for vintage in the world’s coolest flea markets—both for his own collection and for his brand of hoodies and tees, Paradise NYC. Yet somehow for this languid pro skater, all this isn’t quite enough. Over the past two or three years, he’s grown from the boy in 2014’s “Cherry” with “Take My Virginity Away” written on his deck into a young if hesitant

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For Draymond Green, Watch Collecting Is a Competition

I started speaking with him on Thursday evening. And I said, “I can’t get this watch from anywhere. It’s impossible to get.” And he said, “I can get the watch.” I had on an all-black Fendi crewneck sweater and it had two eyes on it—nice sweater. He’s like, “All right, bet me this sweater that I’ll get you the watch. And I’ll get it by next Thursday.” So I was like “Let’s bet.” No chance I’m losing.

Sure enough, he had the watch in his hand by Monday night.

It’s interesting that for four months you stayed hot in pursuit of this watch. You heard other people say that you weren’t going to be able to find it. And you didn’t just say, “Oh, okay, I’m just going to get another piece.” What kept you from not just giving up and getting another watch?

Well, I’m the type of person

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Raf Simons Throws a Flower Power Reckoning

Raf Simons might be one of fashion’s best opinionators—tossing off commentary on the commercialization of fashion at the expense of creativity, and the new generation of designers who, like, Simons, take inspiration from the youth—but he is not actually a man of many words. After dropping a moody short film (his directorial debut!) to present his Spring 2021 collection, his team circulated a version of the typical show notes: instead of an essay about ideas or references, it was simply a list of films, from flower power canon cinema like Hair, Zabriskie Point, and Alice In Wonderland, to horror classics about endangered teens and domestic destruction like The People Under the Stairs, Picnic at Hanging Rock, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream. At last! A fashion collection that asks, “DO YOU LIKE SCARY MOVIES?”

The video presentation was itself a scary movie: men and women—this

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