Day: September 26, 2020

Martine Rose Is Bringing OnlyFans Energy to Fashion Week

If there’s one thing the fashion world should steal from cult menswear brands, it’s the perfectly executed lookbook. The drop of a Supreme, Noah, or Aime Leon Dore lookbook is like an international holiday, with characters and themes and locations we know and love. Fans of those brands pore over lookbooks with more scrutiny than most people give a runway show, and a whole cottage industry of blogs exists just to analyze them. It’s a reminder that you can really tell a story that way, and that it can be a really efficient way to build buzz. You don’t need a fancy video or a runway show to impart your vibe.

Martine Rose—whose denim suit is worn on our October cover by the great Jonathan Majors, and who also appears on our Quality List—borrowed that trick, dropping my favorite lookbook of the season so far. A lot

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