Day: September 24, 2020

Bill Belichick Is Back at the Office, But He’s Still the King of Work-From-Home Style

Every day we inch a little closer to a more complete understanding of Bill Belichick: man, myth, mumbler, Subway footlong advocate, and six-time Super Bowl winner as coach of the New England Patriots. Over the years, we’ve watched as he’s perfected a public-facing uniform of sweat suits and cut-off hoodies. Things have only grown more elaborate in recent months. He’s famous for coaching while dressed like he’s working from home, but mysteriously wears polos and tight-fitting denim while actually sheltering-in-place. During a Wednesday press conference, though, Belichick elevated his work-from-home style to an art form. Call it rococouchist, or maybe sweatrealism. This is a man who has the answers.

The famously taciturn Belichick slumped to the podium looking not unlike someone who had endured a Bear Grylls survivalist challenge, or perhaps instead fresh from a Hot Topic shopping spree. Horns up, Bill! The coach was wearing

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