Day: September 16, 2020

Apple Event September 2020: Apple Watch Series 6, Apple iPad, Fitness+, etc.

The cheapest version of Apple’s iPad was already a convincing replacement for a basic laptop, save for a couple of little quirks. This afternoon, Apple decided to make it a bit better anyway. Starting this month, the $330 iPad is getting an upgraded processor (which Apple says makes it 40 percent faster than its predecessor) and lets it run the new iPad OS extremely smoothly. These changes are fairly iterative. The regular iPad is still basically as good as it was before.

The iPad Air Goes Semi-Pro

The updates to the iPad Air, on the other hand, are extremely significant. The new iPad Air looks a lot like the iPad Pro announced earlier this year, with a massive 10.9-inch end-to-end screen and no home button. Sneakily, the iPad Air has TouchID built into the power button. This frankly, rules. FaceID on the iPad Pro is a little bit janky—when using

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