Day: September 11, 2020

13 Best Men’s Dress Socks at Any Budget

Shopping for the best men’s dress socks at a time like this—when you probably don’t have an office to go to everyday, or weddings to attend, or anything else on the calendar worth getting dressed up for—might not be high on your priority list. These days, though, the best men’s dress socks are actually simply the best men’s socks, period. They’re no longer made of skimpy, itchy fabrics that’ll fall down around your ankles and tear at the heels after a heavy day of walking. Instead, today’s best dress socks have all the high-quality, supersoft goodness of fresh hotel linens. They’re engineered to feel as cushiony as your sport socks and stay up on your calves all day without suffocating them completely. They just plain feel good on your feet, whether you’re throwing on loafers on your way out the door or just padding around the house in slippers.

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