Day: September 6, 2020

Patrick Mahomes Wears a Championship-Caliber Watch

“Find someone that looks at you the way Patrick [Mahomes] looks at his Super Bowl ring,” the Kansas City Chiefs wrote alongside a video of their star quarterback unpacking his new piece of bling. Well, I found someone, and that someone is me gazing longingly at Patrick Mahomes’s watch: a Rolex GMT-Master II with a blue-and-black “Batman” bezel. Mahomes’s trophy case of high-shine accessories is growing exponentially by the week. Back in February, during the Chiefs’ championship parade, the quarterback wore a Rolex Yacht-Master while palling around with his new BFF, the Vince Lombardi trophy. Now, Mahomes has put another watch into his rotation to pair with his new Super Bowl ring. It comes as no surprise that the former league MVP and Super Bowl MVP would consistently reach for Rolex. As we’ve written before, the brand constantly markets its proximity to champions and winners, burnishing its reputation through

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