Day: September 4, 2020

Louis Vuitton: Stuffed Animals Are the New Cross-body Grail

In this moment of global anxiety, could the new menswear statement grail be…a stuffed animal?

The latest Louis Vuitton show, staged earlier this week in Tokyo, declared it to be so, fastening knit mice onto handbags, draping dragons and scorpions across jackets and over shoulders, and pinning elongated bears onto breast pockets like toybox boutonnieres.

Perhaps you’re having Vuitton déjà vu, recalling the high-energy collection unveiled in Shanghai just a few weeks ago that also featured plushy pals. This show, which introduced 59 new looks in addition to the 60 shown in Shanghai, is the next chapter in designer Virgil Abloh’s new seasonless model of fashion, which turns collections into globe-trotting extravaganzas. (While many brands, like Gucci and Saint Laurent, are doing away with such itinerant events, Abloh is betting that they are the future.) The Shanghai show provoked controversy for similarities between many of the stuffed

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